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Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Services

SMS Marketing evolves in all industries. Almost all entrepreneurs start to use SMS marketing to grow their business in the market among customers. If you are looking to target audience, Claratrade India is one of the reliable bulk SMS service providers at the best price. Bulk SMS is the best and cheapest way to promote any type of business, product or service. Claratrade India is a leading bulk SMS service provider, not only in Delhi, but also throughout India. One of the most trusted and trusted bulk SMS service provider companies in Delhi NCR offering cutting edge quality based SMS services. We offer a wide range of technically high-end bulk SMS services in Delhi, India. SMS marketing service helps you promote or inform clients or people. With the increase in the use of mobile phones across the country and around the world, companies are realizing the potential of bulk SMS solutions.

Type of Bulk SMS:
  • Promotional Bulk SMS

A promotional SMS service broadcasts messages in bulk to your customers with just one click. If you are a travel agent, a retail store, or any business that directly caters to the audience, promotional SMS can be a blessing in disguise for you. You can use promotional SMS in different ways to promote your services or products via SIM-based SMS or SENDER ID-based SMS.
For SMS based on sender ID, you will have to create an ID that will send all your messages under one name. As per TRAI Guideline you will have to approved you sender id under TLD Registration then only you will be able to use your sender id for send any sms. But in Mobile Base SMS there is no need for any TLD Registration

  • Transactional SMS

The most common uses of transactional SMS include messages from banks to their account holders regarding any alteration in their account balance or any other transaction. If you have a website where your customers buy a product or service, Claratrade India, as a bulk SMS service provider, can help you send order confirmation messages to your customers. To send any transactional SMS, you must first choose a 6-letter sender ID that will be used to send your transactional messages.
Once your sender ID is approved, you need to add multiple templates for approval on the SMS settings page on your portal. Your service provider will filter SMS based on these templates. If the body of your SMS matches these templates, it will be sent as a transactional SMS. You can take a look at some of the transactional SMS examples and then opt for your desired template. So next time you are thinking of ways to maintain transactional communication with your clients, choose Claratrade India's transactional SMS services.